AIDS Care Teams In Our Neighborhoods
About Us

Who is ACTION?

ACTION is a nonprofit organization that creates, educates, and supports teams of volunteers to provide practical and emotional support for those living in isolation and need with HIV/AIDS and struggling daily with the physically and emotionally debilitating consequences.

Careteams consist of six to ten volunteers who join together to support a one person or household living with AIDS known as a CarePartner.

By their nonjudgmental, compassionate presence, CareTeams represent a healing, nurturing loving presence to persons who often feel that they are being feared, judged or punished. Through their caring attitudes, team members encourage empowerment, acceptance and hope. Although many people living with HIV/AIDS have benefited from new medical treatments, others continue to live with debilitating side effects from potent medications, along with isolation and fear. As part of our compassionate response to HIV/AIDS, ACTION recruits and trains volunteers for AIDS CareTeams. 

ACTION AIDS CareTeams offer people a community volunteer experience by providing practical support and friendship to people living with HIV/AIDS. Both volunteers and CarePartners (clients) report tremendous benefits through their involvement on CareTeams.

For more information, please contact Julio Rodriguez, Program Director, at: 949-494-5165 or